Semper Femina – Laura Marling

As one of the great contemporary acoustic artists to come out of the United Kingdom, Laura Marling’s release in Semper Femina focuses her efforts of a career dedicated to the genre of worldly folk. In theory, it seems difficult to refine a craft release after release, but Laura Marling’s effortless ability to stay true to the track while avoiding the slightest sense of redundancy is just one of her notable attributes. Semper Femina is necessarily a cataclysmic or polarizing release from her catalog (if you haven’t heard any of her previous releases, they’re worth a spin… or a bunch), but it comfortably fits into the soothing and softly sweet frame she’s created for herself. And all while dissecting femininity within society (see latin translation of semper femina), Laura never shies from laying down a soulful track like “Wild Fire” and “Nothing, Not Nearly”, a classically folk song with “Always This Way” and “Nouel”, and a more contemporary number like “Soothing”.