DAMN – Kendrick Lamar

After 2015’s release of To Pimp a Butterfly, you may have asked yourself ‘Why would Kendrick Lamar need to release anything ever again?’, ‘Can anything be this good?’ or ‘Why even try?’ And the resounding answer is ‘Yes, here’s Damn.’ It goes without saying that Kendrick Lamar didn’t owe the universe anything in 2017—actually, Kendrick may not anything to the universe ever again, but he defied logic once again, and Damn is a one amongst a cast of classics and monumental releases. And in classic Kendrick form (as if he didn’t do this already), Damn contains his most expansive and ranging works to-date while maintaining the classic Kendrick and hip-hop sound all together. With gracing touches from producers Dr. Dre, Greg Kurstin, BadBadNotGood, and The Alchemist accompanied by samples ranging from Wu-Tang Clan and Jay-Z to Rick James and James Brown, Damn is neither shy on the cast of characters nor leaves a stone unturned (did someone say featuring U2?). Quick suggestion: don’t start to ask yourself if he will be able to match or beat Damn, because there’s a very high likelihood that will happen. In fact, chances are he’s already well on his way on that road. All we can do is sit and wait. And enjoy Damn, because it was masterfully dubbed. Damn.

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