City Music – Kevin Morby

With a hint of bottle-up punk-like angst, folk-esque acoustics, and hand-clapping soul, Kevin Morby’s 2017 release City Music is as classic indie rock as classic indie rock can get. Soaking up the experiences of past ventures from the NYC psychedelic-folk outfit Woods and more indie-centric efforts with The Babies and solo releases, City Music rounds off the edges and narrows his aim for a guitar-heavy powerhouse. And rather than opting for the long-haired three-piece indie jam guise, Morby focuses on including all shades of composition and structure rather than heads bobbing to the drone of reverb-laden guitar over a backbeat (although, there’s plenty of quality bobbing and reverb to be heard on City Music). There’s “Crybaby” and “1234” for the punk lovers, and just damn good indie rock with a hint of harmonic soul on “Aboard My Train”, and the indie folk from Woods on “Tin Can” and “Night Time”. But nothing hits the nail on the head better than the grandiose title track, “City Music”. Speed up and slow down, harmonizing guitar, handclaps and tambourine, “City Music” is the marquee track on a catalog standout.

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