Month: October 2017

Painted Ruins – Grizzly Bear

Time changes, nifty chord progressions, and key changes are all fancy bells and whistles that play nicely in theory, but seamlessly putting them onto an album is the not-so-easy part. What Grizzly Bear achieves on their 2017 release, Painted Ruins is not only a composition feat of ingenuity, Ed Droste and crew expand upon their indie avant-garde roots to create a astonishingly well-rounded masterpiece. And on display in a never-seen-before fashion, Droste’s vocals parse effortlessly with backing band that will remind you more of the “We can literally play everything”-type of band. With virtually every instrument and facet of the group in the limelight in one manner or the other, Painted Ruins is not the single-centric album, moreover a wide-angle shot of refined sound, crafted composition, and sheer talent. After five years in the creative incubator, songs like “Three Rings”, “Wasted Acres”, “Four Cypresses”, and “Mourning Sound” (along with every other track not mentioned) attest to greatness in due time. Luckily for listeners, great things come with time—happy you waited, huh?